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Silvaback is Australias premium Martial Arts Supply providing the whole Australian Shock Doctor Protection and Sports Therapy  range as well as NSD Powerball Gyros, the RIP:60 Training System supplements and other WingTsun and MMA equipment. Please also see our range of ProGrade Kettlebells and Weight Vests and Battle Ropes. We ship via Express Post or registered mail and usually fulfill orders within 48 hours*.

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rip 60
Rip 60 Suspension Training Kit

AU$199.00   Price: AU$168.00 (Including GST)

Wing Tsun T-shirts
Australian WingTsun Training T-Shirts New

Price: AU$39.00 (Including GST)

Shock Doctor Core Supporter with Bio Flex Cup

AU$52.95   Price: AU$47.95 (Including GST)

shock doctor gel nano
Shock Doctor Gel Nano Mouth Guard

AU$41.95   Price: AU$39.95 (Including GST)

Shock Doctor Core Compression Short with B...

AU$84.95   Price: AU$79.95 (Including GST)

gel max mouthguard
Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

AU$29.95   Price: AU$27.95 (Including GST)

mouth guard for braces
Shock Doctor - Double Mouth Guard for Braces

AU$49.99   Price: AU$47.95 (Including GST)

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